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  • Creation of a new offer through a document created in KcadWin or a new AutoCAD drawing.
  • Default setting for each data item related to the client, the agent, the general conditions of the offer.
  • Selection of articles through a subsequent selection of supplier, catalog, category, family and article.
  • Assignement of accessories to each equipment, selecting them from every available suppliers.
  • Possibility of manual setting of any characteristic of equipments to create custom articles.
  • Possibility of creation of new articles and new suppliers starting with the changes set to existing articles.
  • Assignment of equipments to an area with the insertion of an identification label.
  • Functionality for the reordering of articles by label and the reassignment of all the articles' labels.
  • Generation of the technical notes in the drawing indicating consumption, diameters and other technical specifications.
  • Generation of summary tables, optionally reporting all the technical data with the amounts of consumptions.
  • Functionality for displaying all the equipments in plan or three-dimensional view.
  • Basic functionality for the production of walls with opens for doors and windows in plan and three-dimensional view.
  • Revision in the Windows environment of the items placed in AutoCAD and vice versa with assisted update of AutoCAD drawing.
  • Automatic generation of the offer using a Excel template or another Office application.
  • Excel offer template arranged for being edited using Kcad dialog windows and the regeneration of the data to update the original AutoCAD drawing.
  • Automatic collection of all technical documents and certifications and generation of the maintenance plan for each article.

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